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Nova University – Mission and Objectives: The unemployment rate in Nigeria is currently at 33.3%. About 23.2 million Nigerians are…

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Nova University – Mission and Objectives:

The unemployment rate in Nigeria is currently at 33.3%. About 23.2 million Nigerians are currently unemployed and living in extreme poverty, it is surprising to know that majority of this number are young people, recent university graduates, and corp members. These are brilliant and enthusiastic young Nigerians who have spent at least 4 years in a tertiary institution hoping to graduate into a befitting job and be productive to their nation. Sadly, there is no employment provision. The interesting part is that several others are graduating from the university every year and joining the pool of unemployed youths. 

Nova University solves Unemployment


To worsen the situation, Covid-19 was in fact a nightmare that caused a lot of major changes all over the world. One of the significant changes was the impact the lockdown had on employment and Jobs especially for these young Nigerians mostly recent graduates and corp members. During the lockdown period, a lot of companies had to lay off their staff to stay alive. You can almost be sure that they are not looking to employ a recent graduate because they would rather channel their resources to recover from the economic effect of covid 19 than train these newbies as new company workers.

Like most Nigerian youths, this reality became more evident to me during the course of my mandatory one-year youth services as a corp member in the middle of the pandemic (2020). It was very certain that when I finished as a recent graduate and as a young Nigerian, I will be thrown into extreme poverty due to unemployment.

Luckily for me as a software engineer and a web design expert, I was able to create a very lucrative business as a web designer. The timing was perfect since business owners are extremely interested in taking their businesses online due to the effect of the lockdown on their business. Very quickly, I earned my first million as a web design consultant.

I decided to help my fellow youths get this new hot skill and teach them how to monetize it following the exact step-by-step process I used. I started teaching a few of my friends for absolutely free and the results were mindblowing. This gave me the motivation to do more. I reached out to a friend who happens to be an expert in WhatsApp Marketing and has made a lot of money doing so, she was willing and excited to share her secrets with others to help them rise.

I realize that there are other youths like myself who have high-income digital skills like Affiliate marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design, WhatsApp marketing e.t.c and they are willing to help their fellow youths but there is no platform. So I used my software skills to create an online mentorship community where we can help each other grow out of poverty.

Olubayo Samuel Nova University


Although Nova University is currently self-funded, For over a year now, Nova university has successfully reached out to over 3000 youths across Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya. More than 120 Nova Learners have started their online careers in Web design, WhatsApp marketing, Video Editing, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketing, and Fiverr Freelancing. 

Nova University


Nova University’s Impact so far

In just one year of operation, Nova University has grown its student database to over 3000 students. The online community has more than 20 mentors and over 10 different digital skill programs.

Mr. Osahon Iwenamen is a legal practitioner and ICT enthusiast and one of Nova University’s previous students, he confessed how impactful the community has been and the magnitude of value delivered to youths free of charge (see his testimonies here).


One of the biggest achievements of Nova University last year was when we partnered with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. We successfully trained over 40 recent graduates in Web design and how to monetize the skill.

Recently, We partnered with the Corper’s Liaison Officer of Remo North Local Government to train over 50 corp members on digital skills. Nova university has empowered so many Nigerian youths to take charge of their lives and break out of poverty.

God bless Nova University

God bless Nigeria

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